The Year of Acceleration
The Year of Movement
August 14, 2016
The Year of Deep Waters
January 1, 2018

The Year of Acceleration

I greet you in the Name that is above every name – Jesus the Christ! Welcome to “The Year of Acceleration”! I am extremely excited about 2017. As you know, the number seventeen (17) has played a significant role in our formative years. Spiritually, the number seventeen (17) signifies God doing a perfect thing at the perfect time. With this in mind, this is poised to be a remarkable year for COPIM. I believe that God is setting us at center stage to fulfil our divine destiny. This is the time to show up, step up, speak up, and steady yourself for an overflow of blessings!


During this “Year of Acceleration”, I urge you to receive and believe this acronym:

Anticipate the immediate shifting of things in your favor

Celebrate what God has spoken in anticipation of seeing manifestation

Challenge your own thinking as to what is possible with God

Expect the unexpected

Lean NOT unto your own understanding

Exceeding blessings belong to YOU!

Raise your expectations!

Abundance will become your best friend

This is YOUR time to shine!

Ignore distractions and demonic influences intended to slow your pace

Own your choices and be prepared to defend your right say “No”!

No looking back!

2017 is poised to be your best year ever! Don’t allow this moment pass!


To our guest, we thank God for your presence. It is our prayer that you are inspired and enlightened as you fellowship with COPIM today. If you do not have a permanent church home, we would love to have you become a part of our spiritual family. We are a supernatural church made up of supernatural people. God is at work and the Spirit is in complete control. At the conclusion of the service, an invitation will be extended for you to join us as we move toward the destiny of God! We are committed to The COPIM Way: Service with a smile, filled with sacrifice, and always focused on success! We are excited about what God is doing in this season. This is the “Year of Acceleration”! Get ready to live life at the speed of favor!


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