The Year of Movement
The Year of Acceleration
December 17, 2016

The Year of Movement

I greet you in the Name that is above every name – Jesus the Christ! 
Welcome to “The Year of Movement”! 2016 is poised to be a splendid year as we move into the destiny God has prepared for us before the foundations of the world. I believe that it is in the plan of God for you to go HIGHER, to live BETTER, and for your life to be MORE FRUITFUL in 2016. This can only be accomplished through change. Get comfortable with change. Embrace change! God is positioning you for purpose and destiny to be made manifest in your life!As a Church Family, we are positioned to do things that are DIFFERENT, FRESH, AND BIGGER. We have allocated funds to improve our Youth & Children’s Ministries while expanding to the community of Del Rosa at the same time. Other ministries within COPIM have been funded to maximize our efforts as well. All we need is YOU! COPIM will be no stronger than our weakest member.

We need your support – the support of your time, your testimony, and your treasures. If we work together striving in the same direction of movement, NOTHING will be impossible for US! The key is to operate as One Man! So join me in making 2016 the best year in the history of our church. We can if you will!

It is my prayer that you are inspired and enlightened through the ministry of COPIM. We are a supernatural church made up of supernatural people. God is at work and the Spirit is in complete control. We are committed to The COPIM Way: Service with a smile, filled with sacrifice, and always focused on success! Join our crusade as we anticipate redemption, renewal, and restoration in 2016. Remember, this is “The Year of Movement”!

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